Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Visit With The Dentist

I had my very first visit from the dentist today & Simone said I was such a good boy. Well I kinda had to be didn't I?! Heck if they pull out 3 of my teeth when I'm good, I'm scared to think what might have happened if I hadn't been?!?!

Amanda removed my wiggly baby teeth at the top & my little mutant wolf tooth that was growing out of the side of my gum. See? That just proves I'm special. Not everyone has teeth do that. Hehehe.

I got to keep my other wolf teeth, including the one with no eyes, (Oh no, hang on...the "blind" one. *snort*) 'cause Simone said I don't need a bit in my mouth & won't have one. She's going to be my human forever so I guess I'll never know what it's like to communicate with her through a bit. Just as well I've taught her to be really soft but assertive in the way she asks so I can understand what she wants straight away without a bit.

Talk about shatter a 4 year old's world! Simone said the tooth fairy doesn't visit horses. Probably just as well...we've got no pillows...

The GPO's (Geriatric Paddock Ornaments) had their teeth looked at too. Sunny has the teeth of a 20 year old, which is just as well 'cause he's 27. As for Network...Ha! Ha! Ha! No WONDER it doesn't hurt when he bites me! He HAS got teeth (mostly) but they're very worn out & he really needs a soft food diet to preserve what he has left. As my good deed to old people, I promise to eat Network's share of carrots from now on & tell him how good they are. Ha! Ha! Poor old gummy bear!

So I can now add Amanda Winstanley (dentist) to my very short list of "horse invader" humans I quite like. I think I've found a vet I like too. He even gave me a hug! Just another one to fall for my irresistable charm. *sigh*

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