Monday, October 13, 2008

Ta! Da! Check me out! "Rider cam!"

I knew Simone could figure it out if I made it easy for her. She put her leg back toward my flank & asked me to move my butt over so she could grab the camera off the fence. She asked pretty nicely so I was happy to help her. Besides, us kids like our techo gear & I reckon rider cam is cool!

I didn't even mind when the flash went off but I thought the old fella next door was going to have a coronary! You should have seen him nearly choke on his dinner & his eyes nearly popped right out of his head!

I told Simone that she really shouldn't give old people frights like that. It's not good for their health. She turned the flash off so it wouldn't scare Sunny anymore 'cause I also told her, the sight of him was enough to give me nightmares & she shouldn't scare kids like that either.

I was a bit disappointed that "rider cam" wasn't going to have flashy lights anymore though. :-(

After all...she was taking pictures of ME!

This is me tidying up after dinner...

Oh & here's the headstand under the fence trick but it's a bit hard to see from the back of my neck!

Simone said we could play games after dinner so I chose charades. Guess who I am?

A word...I'm with a big green guy & an annoying cat...

Woohoo! I KNEW these ears would come in handy for something; fancy dress & charades!

"Hey Sunny. Look at me! I'm all grown up

& packin' a human!"

Hhhmmm...I know he's old...maybe he's going deaf? Maybe he doesn't understand us kids' modern lingo?

Simone said maybe he was IGNORING me?!

Ha! Ha! Ha! She's such a kidder!

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