Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well, there hasn't been too much excitement in the last few days...

Simone has been busy so has only popped in to feed me & the old boys but I've still enjoyed having her here. I've been doing my best to get extra muddy for her to help all the old hair I'm shedding, stick so that she has something to brush off. I know how much she just LOVES brushing the mud off me!

She's also found that if she feeds us in the yards, I can't keep hassling the old boys for their dinner (poos!) & the yard railing is the perfect height for the old girl to climb aboard. She's taken to sitting on me while I eat my dinner & brushing me from up there. How lazy can you get?!

I don't mind though, I'm working on her confidence by letting her swing her legs around, throw the lead rope around my nose from one side to the other & lie all over me while I mooch around the yard showing her that I'm completely unfazed. I've heard that if I don't make a big deal about it, she won't either & she'll be more settled when I take her for a ride. She's doing really well so far!

I'm hoping to get her out of the yard today & take her for a wander around a small paddock. I think she's a bit herdbound though 'cause she said she doesn't want to do that unless there is another human around. I guess I still have some work to do on her confidence...

I've allowed Simone's son to have a few rides too (nice of me, eh?) but I don't allow him the liberties that I do, her. He's fine as long as he just sits still & doesn't bother me but I don't trust his feet so if he puts them too far back, I've been known to give him a little pig jump as a warning. He needs to know his place & understand that I dont mind the odd "one-off" spin around the paddock but he is NOT my human! I don't mind anything Simone does when she's on my back but then I spoil her something rotten! She could just about get away with murder. Hehehe.

There are still a couple of things that we need to get straight though...I'm a one woman guy & I will NOT tolerate her riding other horses! Old Sunny's conned her into the odd "fling" just for old time's sake & I kick up merry hell, I tell you! I know 4 year olds shouldn't swear but I can still throw a tanty to top a paddock full of 2 year olds! She will learn...

I just need someone to take photos of us together so you can all see how well she's coping. Simone says it's too hard for her to take photos of us when she's on my back. Hhmpf! And I thought humans were smart! I bet I'd figure out a way if I had hands!

Meanwhile, she managed to snap a candid pic of me mid conversation. (I wish she'd given me time to pose!)

I'm getting her back though...LOOK! She's starving me! *Gasp!* These are the lengths I have to go to for a blade or two of grass!

I love to do this when she's sitting on my back too. It really freaks her out when I threaten to drop onto my knees to get a better reach under the rail. Hehehe.

It's got to be good for her confidence when I show her that I can easily balance her & me on three legs while I do a head-stand under the fence. LOL

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KA said...

aaaw you have such a way with words, no wonder mum fell in love with you! Be gentle with her, she's old now! hehehe